Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Beckett is Here!

On April 24th, Timothy Beckett Eyre was born and believe me, he is the CUTEST thing you'll ever see. We got a call from Tim (his daddy) saying he was on his way and we needed to get down to Utah. We rushed down there and after a long wait, he finally made it out! He is such a good baby and it made me want one of my own soooo badly haha Chad is probably getting sick of hearing "I want oneeeee" from me, I'm sure, but what are ya gonna do? Anyway, Beck is absolutely beautiful and my congrats go out to Kylee and Tim!

So, today is April 28th which means my birthday is in 3 days! I'm not normally this excited for a birthday, but Chad is surprising me with something and I have been trying to get it out of him but he won't budge! Which is unusual for him because I can get any secret out of him so it's been an interesting couple of weeks lol But, I only have to wait a few more days and I'll get to find out.
Anyway, I better get going but I'll be putting up pictures of whatever happens on my bday :)

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