Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Time to Be Thankful

It's November. The time of year when everyone talks about everything they're thankful for. Lately, I've been feeling extra grateful and I wanted to take the time to write down the little things that have opened my eyes and made me realize just how much I have.

A few days ago, I was having one of those days. The ones where you just feel...meh. Pessimistic. Annoyed. I couldn't wait to get the girls down for bed so I could go to bed. I just wanted the day to be over. I was so exhausted, I almost didn't say my prayers, but I decided to hurry and say a quick one so I could get to sleep.

As I prayed to my Heavenly Father, I found myself complaining a bit. And then I started having those thoughts where, in the back of my mind, I was remembering more and more things that were bothering me lately: 
The girls haven't been sleeping well
I've been working out so hard and haven't seen the results I want
 Our house is too small for our family of four
The fact that I didn't clean out under the sink and it was overflowing with old grocery bags I needed to just throw away (why do I feel the need to keep every single bag?)
That Chad still hasn't gotten a new job with a better salary
 That I've been living in this house for almost three years and STILL haven't decorated my bedroom
Little petty things that are seriously not a big deal, but in that moment, were consuming me. 

As I lay there, thinking of all these little "problems", I was suddenly overcome with gratitude for the fact that I even have those things to complain about. 
How incredibly blessed am I that I have two of the sweetest babies that are going through a spell where, heaven forbid, they wake up a few times in the night? 
How blessed am I that I have a healthy body that, although it isn't as "in shape" as I'd like it to be, allows me to workout at ALL? 
How blessed am I that I have a beautiful place to call home, packed so tight with love the walls might burst? 
How blessed am I that I have loads and loads of old grocery bags that were once filled with food that we were able to afford? 
How blessed am I that Chad even has a job - one that actually allows us to live quite comfortably?
 How blessed am I that I have a cozy bed to sleep in every night next to the man of my dreams, whether the room we're in is decorated or not? 

I am so glad I had that realization, and I'll tell you what, all that complaining I was doing earlier? Yeah, that stopped real quick. So what if I don't have everything I want? I have everything I could possibly need and more. I think the world we live in has forced us to dwell on the negatives. To always be searching for more. To have our minds consumed with what we don't have, instead of all the wonderful, beautiful things we do. 
Let us all take a minute and remember the things that matter most. 


  1. Very insightful. I am grateful the way my heart warms and the day seems brighter when you share photos of A&H.

  2. Oh Oprah, she always is so wise! Absolutely LOVE this quote!!
    xo TJ