Thursday, March 26, 2015

26 Months

Okay, so it's time I do an update on the girls. SO much has happened since I last blogged. The girls turned two, Chad got a new job, we moved to Salt Lake, and countless other things!
But first, I want to write down a few things about the girlies.

  • Still a stinker. She is hilarious though. She is so quirky and weird. And she has more energy in her tiny little pinky than Chad and I have combined
  • Has to sleep with her Cabbage Patch baby doll, two lovies (she calls them her "ya ya's"), her little person baby, two binky's (yes they still have binky's leave me alone), three blankets, one stuffed Minnie Mouse doll, one Bitty Baby doll and one stuffed bear. Getting her ready for bed (feels like it) takes like an hour
  • Loves to do the hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Loves to put on chapstick - she calls it "chap"
  • Likes to put her baby in her shopping cart with, like, 50 blankets
  • Favorite foods include anything dipped in ketchup, oranges, banana bread, rice crispy treats - she calls them "teats", toasted homemade bread, bananas, string cheese, peaches, and pizza
  • Enjoys tormenting her sister
  • Always has her baby and her purse with her
  • Loves to color - she is always so concentrated as she scribbles
  • Loves to listen to "ELSA!" which is "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" on YouTube. She's never seen the movie, but she loves that song
  • Is always dancing and doing somersaults when she has an audience - she loves attention!
  • LOVES her sleep! She's pretty much like her mama in every way
  • Mama's girl
  • Tiny little thing, weighing 22 pounds
  • Wears size 4 shoes

Pretending to sleep on the stairs - she kept saying "night night mama!"

  • Still my sweetheart. She has the kindest heart
  • Also has a crazy nightly routine. She has her Cabbage Patch baby, two lovies (also called her "ya ya's"), one binky, two blankets, one stuffed Minnie Mouse doll, one Bitty Baby doll, and one stuffed bear
  • Can navigate my phone like a pro. She knows how to get to Netflix and turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then she'll get bored so she'll go to YouTube and watch episodes of Doc McStuffins or scenes from Frozen. Then she'll go to my pictures and watch all my videos. Then she'll go to music and find Taylor Swift,  Katy Perry, or Megan Trainor
  • LOVES Taylor Swift (she calls her "Tay Tay"). She knows certain words to almost every song from Taylor's new album (her favorite song is Bad Blood, which is mine too, so we listen to it all. the. time)
  • Has no rhythm, bless her heart, but she loves to dance! 
  • Always has her pants pushed up into capris. I don't know when or why this started, but she is insistent on it. I've tried rolling them up so they look cute, but that doesn't fly with her. It'll be nice when she can wear shorts this summer!
  • Favorite foods include...everything except strawberries :)
  • I have a feeling she's going to be our little tattletale - she's always telling me the naughty stuff Avery is doing!
  • Girliest girl there ever was. She always has her high heels on and at least one purse
  • Loves to be outside. She loves her plasma scooter (best thing ever) and wants to be completely independent when she's on it, which terrifies me!
  • Obsessed with my mom
  • Weighs around 28 pounds
  • Wears size 5/6 shoes

This is how Harper looks...90% of the time.

Both girls are saying words and talking like crazy. Everyday they say something new. My favorite is "I luh you mama". I wake up every morning to them yelling into the monitor "I'm up! Mama. I'm up!" and I can't not smile! 

They go to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and wake up around 8:00 which, I'm sure, will get earlier as summer comes. They go down for their nap around 12:30. Harper sleeps till around 2:00 and we have to wake Avery up around 3:00.
They love their cousins and aunts and uncles. It's so nice to be so close to family! 

When we lived in Boise, we never watched TV. Maybe once or twice a week would I put Daniel Tiger or Elmo on.  I just didn't want my kids to watch it so we would play and listen to the radio all day. But since moving here (where we have cable), they've gotten more exposed to TV and watch a couple shows a day. As mentioned above, they love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, and occasionally Elmo. Mostly they like to see Minnie, Daisy and "Goosey" (Goofy). 

Nursery has adjustment. As soon as the girls were getting comfortable in our old ward, we moved. So either Chad or I need to stay in there for the full two hours. It hasn't been a problem because we don't have callings yet, but as soon as we do, it's going to get difficult!

We haven't started potty training yet. We talked about it a few months back, but with the move and all the changes, we didn't want to push the girls into something they weren't ready for. Avery wakes up dry a lot and likes to go on the potty, but it's hit and miss. I figure we'll try in the next couple weeks for three days and if we see no improvement, we'll hold off for a month or so and try again. 

Both girls really are so sweet. Of course they have their sassy moments and get on each others nerves, but seeing them hug or share with one another without having to be asked just melts my heart! They love each other so much and it's been so wonderful to watch them grow up. They are my besties!


  1. Love love love your blog Kate! Thanks for sharing. Always entertaining and I'm obsessed with your baby girls! Just sayin ... Loves from Aunt Nettie

  2. Love this sweet narrative about your little girls - it is wonderful how you allow them to be who they are. Thanks for sharing - miss you!