Sunday, June 15, 2014

17 Months

We have been pretty busy around here! We just got back from California yesterday, so I'll do a separate post about that. So much fun! Here's a little bit about our 17 month old cuties!

17 Months
(14 months adjusted)

  • Crazy kid. She is everywhere and into everything! 
  • Is learning to share. She understands when we ask her to give something to her sister or to us
  • Still loves her binky. It's going to be a tough habit to break...we're going to try working on having it gone by the time she turns two 
  • Loves stacking toys, putting toys in their bin, and playing with her Little People/toy house
  • Has four teeth
  • Is not particularly fond of water...only one time has she gotten into a pool and enjoyed it. We'll definitely be working on it this summer! 
  • Likes to growl when we ask her what the lion says - she thinks it's absolutely hilarious
Here she is, putting her bows away like a big girl :)

First snow cone!

Just hangin' out by the garbage can. It's the cool thing to do. 

  • My little dancer! She loves to wave her arms around and shake her booty like nobody's business the second she hears music
  • Sings! She'll walk around the house singing "da da da da" when she's happy
  • Also learning to share. But most of the time she doesn't need to be told to do it. If Avery is crying or upset, she'll hand her a binky or a toy to play with. She has such a sensitive little heart
  • Loves to talk all day long (as long as she's home)
  • Still quite a mama's girl
  • Has five teeth
Always pushing her stroller around

Making a mess in my bathroom in Christmas jammies and wearing Chad's lanyard as a necklace. Adorable.

The girls have begun talking to each other! Like, if Harper is in another room, Avery will yell out "ba? ba?" and Harper will respond with some sort of jabber and come to Avery. They'll talk talk talk all day to each other. It's adorable! It's amazing to see how they are completely understanding of what's going on and know what we mean when we ask them to do (or not do) something. You wouldn't think a 14 month old would be that aware but they're much smarter than we give them credit for! I love seeing their little personalities forming and the love they have for one another. It is the sweetest sight for a mom.

Classic Avery, pushing Harper over ;)

They love playing in their fort!

Playing with their older cousins! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

16 Months!

So...Picasa sucks and deleted all my photos from my ENTIRE blog, except a few. I am so upset! I have the originals, but it's going to take some time getting everything back in order. I did do a new blog header, though! Snazzy, eh? 
Because of all the craziness of basically re-creating my entire blog, I haven't posted in a while. SO much has happened with the girls these last few months! 

16 Months
(13 months adjusted)

  • Fastest walker you ever did see! She pretty much runs everywhere she goes
  • So busy! Honestly, she never. stops. moving
  • Doesn't have any specific toys she particularly loves, she just loves everything
  • Loves to be outside! She'll grab my hand and walk me to the door about 50 times a day. It's going to be hard this summer while it's hot outside!
  • Still has quite the attitude. And the tantrums have begun! If she doesn't get something she wants (usually whatever Harper has), she'll throw herself on her stomach, bury her head into the ground and let out a good [loud] cry. It takes every ounce of me not to laugh because it is so hilarious, but I just let her have her moment :)
  • Can say "mama" "dada" "papa" "hi" and [sometimes] "bye bye"
  • Has three teeth, with a fourth on the way. Two anterior bottoms and one (and a half) on top
  • Tiny girl! She still hasn't reached 20 pounds and I don't see it happening for a few months!
  • A good little eater! Her favorites are: GRAPES, avocado, chicken, peas, eggs, homemade bread and mandarin oranges. She doesn't love carrots or pasta
"I'M SO SAD!" (Cutest face ever)

"All better"

  • Also a great little walker! She's not as fast as Avery, but she still manages to get into as much trouble ;)
  • LOVES books. She will come sit on my lap and bring a book to read and we'll read it over and over and over. Her favorites are The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon
  • SUCH a girly girl. She has a little purse that came with a bracelet and cell phone and she'll put on the bracelet and carry that purse everywhere. She'll pick up her bows or whatever little toys she can find and put them in her purse. It is the sweetest! 
  • Also loves to be outside with her sister. She loves pushing their stroller around
  • Is pretty protective of me, which sounds weird...but if Chad wrestles with me or tickles me and I yell out, she'll cry and run to me and give Chad the dirtiest look! Then she'll give me a big snuggle and hang out with me for a few minutes. She doesn't quite get that we're just playing, but it is so sweet
  • She also does NOT like if Avery sits on my lap. She'll come up and push Avery off or just squeeze in so Avery has to move
  • Loves music! She will dance like there's no tomorrow, that girl. And she'll sing! Oh, it's the cutest thing ever
  • Can say "mama" "papa" "dada" and "happy"
  • Has five teeth - three anterior bottoms, and two uppers. She'll have quite the gap on top, unfortunately. Just like her mama had! Poor girl...
  • Still loves food! Her favorites are: peanut butter sandwiches, mandarin oranges, chicken, mango, homemade bread, crackers, green beans and Cheerios. She doesn't love peas, carrots, avocado, or grapes 
Breakfast at Kneaders! I'm thinking she liked it.

She loves drinking from my water jug. Forget sippy cups.

They are good sleepers, lately (knock on wood). They wake up around 6:30-7:00am, drink some milk, and go back to sleep (if we're lucky) till about 7:30am. They nap from noon to about 3:00pm (SO nice!), then go to bed around 7:00pm.

They are still wearing size 4 diapers, and are in 12-18 month clothes. 
They love watching the clothes in the washer/dryer!

With their BFF/next door neighbor, Ellie!

I love how happy Harper is in this picture :)

We've tried staying at church longer, but it is darn near impossible. They're at the stage where they want to be independent so they won't just sit on our laps. So, we spend most of the time in the foyer...or empty rooms...or halls... ;) These girls are keeping me very busy. I'll admit, it's exhausting! But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love how much they make me laugh and the fun we have with each other every day. It is such a blessing! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


I am so behind. Darn! Life has become increasingly busy these last few months, and I'm not sure how. Either way, the girls are growing and changing more and more. I finally decided to visit this poor neglected blog and give some updates on what Avery and Harper have been up to.

14 Months
(11 months adjusted)

  • This girl is so close to walking! She wants to sooo badly. The most she's taken is about 6 steps before she loses her balance. She's been cruising for a couple months now but hasn't had the courage to take steps on her own till the last few weeks or so. I'd say she'll be walking in about a month. 
  • Still feisty as ever. She continually snatches toys, bows, whatever Harper has in her hands. But the second you say, "Avery!" in a stern voice, she'll look at you, smile, then try to hand you whatever she took from Harper. 
  • She also knows remotes, phones, laptops, my glasses, etc are off limits, so if she gets caught with any of them in her hand, she'll hurry and try to give it to me. Like she's saying, "oh, I was just getting this for you. Here you go!". Little stinker.
  • Constantly moving. She is into EVERYTHING. I used to like to let them roam around the house and explore, but now I have to close most of the doors because they've gotten into trouble. 
  • Still loves binky's. She always has at least one in her hand or mouth. 
  • Is super into throwing things. In her high chair she'll throw food on the ground and watch it fall. She throws things off the couch, out of her crib, etc, then she'll laugh.
  • Loves being chased. She'll be sitting on the ground and Chad or I will say, "I'm gonna get you!" and she'll quickly dart away and crawl as fast as she can till we get her. It's absolutely adorable!
  • Adores her grandpa Pearman! If he leaves the room, she'll follow him around and she'll cry if she cant find him. She lights up and gives her little wave when she sees him. It's so sweet. 
  • Still only has two teeth. I'm nervous all her teeth are going to come in at the same time to catch up! 
  • Such a happy girl! She can be kind of a brat, not going to lie, but she is constantly making us laugh with her clever antics! She is going to be trouble...
  • Has no fear! I worry a little about her haha 
  • Loves to jabber. Says mama and when we tell her to say "dada" and says "BABA!". Not quite, but we'll take it ;)
  • Favorite foods include: grapes, avocados, bananas, oatmeal, greek yogurt, cooked carrots, chicken, cheerios, cheese and green beans
  • Least favorite foods include: peas, turkey burgers and pasta

  • I've said it once, I'll say it again. She is the sweetest little girl. Honestly, she is such a joy. She has her dad's mellow demeanor. 
  • Definitely a mama's girl. And I love it! She follows me everywhere and always wants to be held. It can be tiresome, but I can't help but be flattered! 
  • Loves books. Oh goodness, it's the sweetest. She'll sit in the corner with books all around her and jabber in her quiet little voice as she turns the pages. It melts my heart every time!
  • Still my smarty pants. She'll get her bows and try to put them on her head. She'll try to brush her hair with her comb. She'll grab her shoes and try to put them on. She is constantly aware of what is going on and I can see the wheels turning in her head. 
  • Has learned to fold her arms when we kneel to say family prayer. And she's so proud of herself! Still working on it with Avery...
  • Still adores Avery. She's constantly laughing at her, following her around, sharing her toys with her, etc. It's a good thing she's so calm and patient with her sassy sister!
  • Can walk SO fast if we hold her hands, but is a little nervous to try on her own. She'll take maybe 2 steps, then slowly lower herself to her bottom and crawl the rest of the way. We'll keep working on it!
  • Loves measuring cups, bowls, spoons, tupperware, etc. 
  • Is constantly pulling things out of drawers, boxes, wipes, whatever she can find. She doesn't look at them, just pulls them out and throws them. Her favorite is the dish towel drawer. She can pull those towels out so dang fast! Then when they're all out, she moves on. 
  • Also a busy body! I'm surprised she's as chunky as she is! But we love it :)
  • Kind of a scaredy cat. Doesn't like swings, being up on your shoulders, being thrown up in the air, slides, anything. I can't say I'm surprised, given her personality. 
  • She carries around a burp cloth everywhere she goes. She also has to sleep with it. She likes the way it feels on her face. It's so cute seeing her love something so much!
  • Also only has the two teeth. I think another one might be breaking through soon. She's been a little fussier than normal and isn't sleeping quite as well. Love that baby Tylenol!
  • Favorite foods include: crackers, mandarin oranges, bananas, toast, chicken, turkey burgers, and pasta
  • Least favorite foods include: avocado, grapes, carrots and peas, but she'll still eat them reluctantly ;)

Both girls are currently wearing 12 month clothes, and size 4 diapers. But only because I ran out of size 3 and had size 4 on hand. They're a bit big, but meh. They are down to one nap a day (darn) which they take around 10:30 or 11:00 and sleep for about 2 hours. They are usually in bed by 7:15pm and sleep till 7:00am. They get up, drink some milk, then go back to bed till around 8:00 or 8:30am which is lovely :)

They love to play together and cause all kinds of trouble! They love going on walks, which we do almost everyday. They truly are so much stinkin' fun, I can't even handle it. Honestly, they are my best buddies and I love that I have the privilege of being able to hang out with them everyday! 

One Year Pictures!

I know most of you follow me on Facebook, so you've already seen these. But here they are anyway!