Monday, March 24, 2014


I am so behind. Darn! Life has become increasingly busy these last few months, and I'm not sure how. Either way, the girls are growing and changing more and more. I finally decided to visit this poor neglected blog and give some updates on what Avery and Harper have been up to.

14 Months
(11 months adjusted)

  • This girl is so close to walking! She wants to sooo badly. The most she's taken is about 6 steps before she loses her balance. She's been cruising for a couple months now but hasn't had the courage to take steps on her own till the last few weeks or so. I'd say she'll be walking in about a month. 
  • Still feisty as ever. She continually snatches toys, bows, whatever Harper has in her hands. But the second you say, "Avery!" in a stern voice, she'll look at you, smile, then try to hand you whatever she took from Harper. 
  • She also knows remotes, phones, laptops, my glasses, etc are off limits, so if she gets caught with any of them in her hand, she'll hurry and try to give it to me. Like she's saying, "oh, I was just getting this for you. Here you go!". Little stinker.
  • Constantly moving. She is into EVERYTHING. I used to like to let them roam around the house and explore, but now I have to close most of the doors because they've gotten into trouble. 
  • Still loves binky's. She always has at least one in her hand or mouth. 
  • Is super into throwing things. In her high chair she'll throw food on the ground and watch it fall. She throws things off the couch, out of her crib, etc, then she'll laugh.
  • Loves being chased. She'll be sitting on the ground and Chad or I will say, "I'm gonna get you!" and she'll quickly dart away and crawl as fast as she can till we get her. It's absolutely adorable!
  • Adores her grandpa Pearman! If he leaves the room, she'll follow him around and she'll cry if she cant find him. She lights up and gives her little wave when she sees him. It's so sweet. 
  • Still only has two teeth. I'm nervous all her teeth are going to come in at the same time to catch up! 
  • Such a happy girl! She can be kind of a brat, not going to lie, but she is constantly making us laugh with her clever antics! She is going to be trouble...
  • Has no fear! I worry a little about her haha 
  • Loves to jabber. Says mama and when we tell her to say "dada" and says "BABA!". Not quite, but we'll take it ;)
  • Favorite foods include: grapes, avocados, bananas, oatmeal, greek yogurt, cooked carrots, chicken, cheerios, cheese and green beans
  • Least favorite foods include: peas, turkey burgers and pasta

  • I've said it once, I'll say it again. She is the sweetest little girl. Honestly, she is such a joy. She has her dad's mellow demeanor. 
  • Definitely a mama's girl. And I love it! She follows me everywhere and always wants to be held. It can be tiresome, but I can't help but be flattered! 
  • Loves books. Oh goodness, it's the sweetest. She'll sit in the corner with books all around her and jabber in her quiet little voice as she turns the pages. It melts my heart every time!
  • Still my smarty pants. She'll get her bows and try to put them on her head. She'll try to brush her hair with her comb. She'll grab her shoes and try to put them on. She is constantly aware of what is going on and I can see the wheels turning in her head. 
  • Has learned to fold her arms when we kneel to say family prayer. And she's so proud of herself! Still working on it with Avery...
  • Still adores Avery. She's constantly laughing at her, following her around, sharing her toys with her, etc. It's a good thing she's so calm and patient with her sassy sister!
  • Can walk SO fast if we hold her hands, but is a little nervous to try on her own. She'll take maybe 2 steps, then slowly lower herself to her bottom and crawl the rest of the way. We'll keep working on it!
  • Loves measuring cups, bowls, spoons, tupperware, etc. 
  • Is constantly pulling things out of drawers, boxes, wipes, whatever she can find. She doesn't look at them, just pulls them out and throws them. Her favorite is the dish towel drawer. She can pull those towels out so dang fast! Then when they're all out, she moves on. 
  • Also a busy body! I'm surprised she's as chunky as she is! But we love it :)
  • Kind of a scaredy cat. Doesn't like swings, being up on your shoulders, being thrown up in the air, slides, anything. I can't say I'm surprised, given her personality. 
  • She carries around a burp cloth everywhere she goes. She also has to sleep with it. She likes the way it feels on her face. It's so cute seeing her love something so much!
  • Also only has the two teeth. I think another one might be breaking through soon. She's been a little fussier than normal and isn't sleeping quite as well. Love that baby Tylenol!
  • Favorite foods include: crackers, mandarin oranges, bananas, toast, chicken, turkey burgers, and pasta
  • Least favorite foods include: avocado, grapes, carrots and peas, but she'll still eat them reluctantly ;)

Both girls are currently wearing 12 month clothes, and size 4 diapers. But only because I ran out of size 3 and had size 4 on hand. They're a bit big, but meh. They are down to one nap a day (darn) which they take around 10:30 or 11:00 and sleep for about 2 hours. They are usually in bed by 7:15pm and sleep till 7:00am. They get up, drink some milk, then go back to bed till around 8:00 or 8:30am which is lovely :)

They love to play together and cause all kinds of trouble! They love going on walks, which we do almost everyday. They truly are so much stinkin' fun, I can't even handle it. Honestly, they are my best buddies and I love that I have the privilege of being able to hang out with them everyday! 

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