Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chelsea and Bailee Came to Visit!

This last week my sister, Chelsea, and her daughter, Bailee, came to visit! It has been so much fun spending time with them! Although, I'm sure Chelsea's husband, Clancey, hasn't been too thrilled without her and Bailee home haha
Last night Chad and I went over to my parents house and we all had a BBQ and played Wits and Wagers (VERY fun game). While we were there I wanted some pictures with Bailee so I've posted a few. She just wanted to play outside all day! It was so beautiful out, so it was fun spending time playing on the grass for a while. I'm sad they're leaving in a few days, but luckily we'll be back down to Utah in a few weeks when my new nephew will be born! We can't wait to see my brother Tim and his wife Kylee, she's due on the 25th so hopefully their son will be here on time!

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