Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had such a great Christmas this year! We had to take some pictures of the tree before it all began.

It all started at around 8:00am. We started by opening our stockings first. I got Inception (my favorite movie of all time!), a new electronic toothbrush, (Chad went to the actual DENTIST to get it. Yeah, it's pretty legit), a cute scarf, and lots of reeses. Chad knows me well :)

Chad got some screen protectors for his new phone (also a Christmas present), lots of candy, and a card.Then we opened our real presents, which I forgot to take pictures of. But I got some really cute sweaters, a bunch of dressy shirts to wear to work, a $50 gift card to Downeast Outfitters, new boots (which are so hot), and two cute cardigans and a $50 giftcard to Macys.
Chad got a Best Buy gift card, Robin Hood, a hair trimmer, Call of Duty: Black Ops, a new tie, new shoes, and a new phone. I know it doesn't look like he got near as much as me, but the phone was expensive!
We opened our presents from my family as well, which included Apples to Apples, a gift card to PF Changs (our favorite restaurant), a picture of Christ, and a very generous check that made me cry when I opened it up!
Then we got ready and went over to Chad's parents house to open MORE presents! We had fun hanging out with his family and cute niece and nephew!My mother-in-laws tree was just a bit bigger than ours, with just a FEW more presents haha

Cute Mady and me

Jaxson and Chad

The Pearmans have a tradition on Christmas morning where they put a wall of newspaper up and the kids run through to open their presents. So cute!

Then, the big kids got to run through and see the big presents! We got a new TV for our bedroom!! We are so excited!

We also got lots of clothes, including Miss Me jeans which are my favorite brand of jeans ever but I can't afford them, work clothes for Chad, a cute necklace, and a gift card to Cold Stone.

Then, we went on a scavenger hunt! My family has had a tradition ever since I can remember, where after we're all done opening our presents and enjoying our Christmas day, something will happen. Whether we find a clue in one of our presents, or an alarm goes off, we are given a clue that leads us on a hunt for one more present from Santa. It always rhymes and is such a fun thing to look forward to. My dad is so talented and creative, it blows my mind! So while we were hanging out at Chads parents, his mom told us she had something for us. It was a clue from Santa that led us to find our one more present. Chad's was some books by his all time favorite author and mine was a $40 gift card to the Apple store!
It was so nice to be able to have a little piece of home this Christmas, even though we were miles away.

We realized how amazingly blessed we are to have such awesome families who love us so much! All in all, we had such a great Christmas and couldn't be more happy! We hope you had a good day as well :)

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  1. I'm so happy you are blogging! Keep it up. It's so fun to read how you guys are doing. You two are so cute. Love you Katelyn. Yes you will always be 'Katelyn' to me. :)