Tuesday, December 10, 2013

11 Months!

Wow. Honestly, when I woke up this morning I couldn't believe my babies were 11 months old. Time is flying by, and as absolutely fun as this stage is, I SO wish things would slow down! Avery and Harper are seriously so much stinkin' fun. They make me laugh hysterically every single day. They are constantly fighting, and then immediately laughing with each other. I am so excited to watch these girls grow up side by side. They truly are best friends and I'm so incredibly grateful I have the honor of being their mother. 

A few things about each girl:

11 Months
(8 months adjusted)

  • Still my sweetie. She loves to snuggle! She also gives hugs/kisses which melt my heart. 
  • Mama's girl. I don't mean to brag, but seriously, she loves me. I love when she reaches for me to hold her. I can't resist! 
  • Such a happy baby! She gets shy for the camera so she never looks very happy in anything I post, but she is always laughing and smiling. 
  • Crawling all over the place. She's army crawling and can get on her knees but still isn't quite sure what to do next. 
  • No teeth yet :(
  • At her appointment a couple weeks ago, she weighed 17.6 pounds and is in the 38th percentile for her age, which is pretty good! For the longest time, neither girl was on the charts at all, so we're kicking butt at playing catch up :)
  • Loves being a big girl. She's mastered drinking out of straws and LOVES when I give her cold water. She gets all kinds of excited when she sees me walking towards her with her straw cup. 
  • Is now eating yogurt and starting finger foods. She loves cut up bananas, but has a hard time feeding herself because they're slippery.
  • Still sleeping like a champ. Usually from 7:30pm-around 8:00am. She has her moments but overall, sleeps tremendously. 
  • Loves her binky! Although she doesn't need it, she just loves picking it up and putting it in her mouth. She always has one binky in her mouth and another in her hand as she crawls around. 

 As you can tell, she likes hanging out under the jumper. Oh, and making messes.

  • I call her Miss Independent. She likes to know I'm nearby, but doesn't need me to help her. She's very strong-willed...a trait she got from her mama, that's for sure. 
  • LOVES her daddy. She goes nuts when he comes home from work. She flaps her arms up and down and starts clapping when she sees him. And, of course, he just eats it up ;)
  • Still has just the two teeth - they're growing too, which is adorable.
  • SUCH a funny girl! Seriously, she has me cracking up all. day. long. 
  • She has the most infectious laugh! She is constantly laughing at Avery. She loves playing with her big sister. Every morning, I get her out of her crib first, bring her to the living room, then go get Avery and when I set her down, Harper gets THE biggest smile on her face and just stares at her! I love the love she has for Avery. 
  • Loves all food, which is pretty obvious ;) She is awesome at feeding herself, too. She has her own little method where she'll take a piece of food in the palm of her hand and slowly work it up to her index finger and thumb, then put it in her mouth. She's very meticulous.
  • She's my little smarty pants. You can tell she's always thinking. Every move she makes is deliberate and thought out. She'll army crawl in a direction, then pivot her body, roll a little bit, then start crawling again to get to where she needs to go. 
  • As of a couple weeks ago, she weighs 18.4 pounds and is in the 40th percentile for her weight. Love my chubby girls! 
  • Is finally sleeping pretty well. She had a phase that lasted a long time where she'd wake up 5, 6, 7 sometimes 8 times in the night and we'd have to go in, put her binky in her mouth and soothe her back to sleep. Although they were pretty short wake-ups, it was so frustrating. So we decided to take away the binky and OH MY HEAVENS it was the greatest decision ever. It was so easy too! I took it away at her first nap and she fussed for about five minutes, then went to sleep. She hasn't used it since and sleeps through the night wonderfully. She has had her moments where she'll wake up at like 4:30 and I'm not sure what to do to get her back to sleep, but we're working on it.

 I love her hair after her baths!

 She LOVES her Grandma Harper! She never reaches for anyone, but she always reaches for Grandma Harper. She must know there's a connection there :)

 I find her under this plant daily. Lately I've had to put it in a room and close the door during the day...

 Best picture I could get of those cute little teeth

Look at this curly hair. I might die. 

One month from today, my sweet baby girls will be one. It's very bittersweet. I'm so proud of how far they've come...it seems like everyday they learn something new. You would never know they were 2 1/2 pounds and living in incubators just a short time ago! They truly are miracles and I thank Heavenly Father every day for blessing me with these sweet angels. I don't know how I got so lucky. 

 This mess is all day, every day. And I really do love it. 


  1. Awesome post, Kate! Love how different they are in personality and looks as well. I need to hold them!! Hope to see you during Christmas! xoxo Aunt Nettie

  2. Adorable photos and descriptive writing I loved. Thanks for sharing the joy times two. They are doing so well because of you and all the love you two give them daily. I am so happy for you. I enjoy seeing and hearing about your girls. Hope didn't walk or have teeth till almost one. Now at five ten I don't know where the last seventeen yrs.