Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our love story: part 1

I was 18, a freshman at Southern Utah University, and thought I was just about the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was March and spring break was quickly approaching. My roommate had invited me to go on an all expenses paid cruise with her family. Yeah, a cruise. Seriously? Don't mind if I do. My parents had just moved from New York to Boise so there was no chance of me going "home". I called my mom to make sure it wouldn't be a problem.

"I really don't feel comfortable with it", she said.
Umm seriously?
"WHY??", I asked.
"I think you need to come here to Boise. Don't ask me why, I can't give you an answer, but I don't feel good about you going on that cruise".

A few other words were said, probably me being sassy and complaining to her that she wouldn't let me go. I'd be with my roommates parents. My boyfriend was going to be with his family in New Jersey so he wouldn't be with us. What could happen? Honestly. Plus it would be fully paid for. I was completely annoyed, frustrated, and flat out mad.
My roommate would be spending her spring break in the Caribbean and I'd be alone in Boise, Idaho. Ew. Not that I don't love my parents, but I knew absolutely no one in Boise. I'd be spending 100% of my time--SPRING BREAK TIME, mind you-- with my parents. Not the most ideal situation for an 18 year old who is just getting used to college life.

Spring break approached too quickly and before I knew it, I was on the 8 hour drive from Cedar City to Boise. I was relaxing with my parents, getting comfortable in my new room, and helping them unpack when my mom mentioned she thought I should go to the single adults FHE activity to get to know some of the people I might be spending time with in the summer. Well...I wasn't totally set on moving home for the summer. I was planning on staying in Cedar and working full time. Be away from my boyfriend for 3 months? Yeah, I don't think so. So, once again, my mom's plans for me weren't the most ideal. But I decided to go with it. I'd be there for 2 weeks so it couldn't hurt to try and make some friends.

I walked into the beautiful house full of young single adults. Feeding frenzy [I so don't miss being in a single adult ward]. I hung out, got to know a few people, and felt like I'd really made some cool friends. One of the guys said they were going to have a Boise Burn party that upcoming weekend and asked me if I wanted to join. Sure, I thought. Why not. I figured he'd forget to let me know when and where it was and that would be it.

The next morning, I got a text from my boyfriend:

"Are you in love with me?", he asked.
Nope. But I didn't want to sound like a snot, so I said,
"I don't know...why?"
His response? "I think this relationship might be moving too fast".

Um, yeah..not so much. But I knew what he was doing. I was out of town and he wanted to get with some chick but would have felt guilty if he cheated on me. I told him fine, we don't need to go out anymore. The end, no biggie. But immediately I began to sob. I couldn't believe what had just happened. He had broken up with me. Even though I wasn't in love with him, he was a huge part of my life. I spent every day with him. Even if he was a jerk, at that time, he meant more to me than anyone else. Needless to say, I was a wreck.

Three days later I got a text from the boy at FHE. He was reminding me of the party that night, let me know where and when and said I better be there. I decided I'd show up for a half hour or so. I figured everyone there would be from FHE and although they all seemed really cool, I kind of had plans that night to wallow in self pity.

I walked in the door, chit chatted for a bit and sat on the couch. Immediately I took out my phone, pretending like I had someone to talk to. I looked at the clock and realized it had been 20 minutes. Ten more minutes, I thought. Then I can go home.

I heard a knock on the door, looked up, and there he was.

To be continued...

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  1. you better update pronto. you have me on pins and needles here woman...i love your posts :)