Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey thanks

Welp, it's November. And November is a month to be extra thankful. So I've decided to name a few things I'm extra thankful for. And since Thanksgiving is one week from today (yahoo!) I think it's only fitting to get started on the process.

So, here we go:

1. My job. Seriously, folks. It's so great. It's been super-duper busy this past week and that's been an amazing blessing. I've been pretty down lately, but while I'm at work, I don't even have time to think about anything other than work. And although a lot of the time I want to pull my hair out because I'm so overwhelmed with stuff to do, it's been such a nice distraction.

[I know it seems corny to take a picture of your office, but I love my little space]

2. Chad. I know I talk mushy about him (a lot), but he's just the greatest. Many people may not know the story of how we met, but it was definitely fate. There were just too many crazy circumstances bringing us together for it not to be. He is definitely my missing piece. He keeps me grounded, he is the most optimistic person I've ever met, he's a little smarty pants, he has more patience than anyone I know, is pretty handy (he even helped put the tar paper on our roof and will be helping with the shingles as well) and has about a million other amazing qualities. Oh, and he's pretty adorable to boot :) I love that I can just hang out with him all the time. He's my best friend. I love that I always have someone to share my time with-- that is quite a blessing.

3. Prayer. As I said before, I've had a rough couple of days. But prayer has definitely gotten me through it. Just like Chad is always there to hang out with me, the Lord is always there to talk to. I know the Lord is there 100% of the time, listening to me, comforting me, and letting me know everything is going to be okay. He's helped me feel so at peace with everything that's been going on. I'm SO grateful for that.

4. Family. I've never felt more support in my entire life than I do right now. My family is amazing. I cry, a lot, and most of the time it's because I'm so overwhelmed by the support I feel from them. They all genuinely care about my well being. They want me to be happy. They want to help in any way they can and that means so much.
[this is obviously an old picture but it's all I had on hand. And I couldn't find one with Chad's family but they're all ah-mazing!]

5. Our house! I love it. It's so cute. It's coming along so quickly! The other day we picked out our paint colors, granite, carpet, hardwood floors, etc. How fun is that? And I'm going to get my red door :) I don't know why but I've always wanted a red door. How lucky am I that I don't have to settle? I get just what I want! We are so blessed.
[taken November 16]

I'm pretty blessed, don't ya think? Life is hard, but all these things make it worth the struggle.


  1. When you wrote "ah-mazing!" I thought immediately of Kelly Kapoor from The Office and laughed. I don't know if that's how you meant to say it though.

  2. love you kate. been thinking of you lots lately. you are such an example to me of amazing strength and faith. I know things are going to work out for you. And ps i am so excited that you are building a home. It looks so great so far! have fun with it :)

  3. Love this list! You are an incredible example to me, Kate. You and Chad have been in my thoughts and prayers lately. Hope you are doing well and can't wait to see your house once it's finished!

  4. ya small world. crazy huh...? i can't wait until you move in. we drive by all the time, hoping one day you will just be there so we can play. until then, we will continue to stalk you and watch your house's progress...
    i can't wait to be your mile-away-neighbor.