Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten Random Things I'm Grateful For:

1. My husband; I know it's not random, but I'm pretty lucky to have him.

2. Parenthood; I love that show!

3. Talking to my dad on the phone; I swear, I just hear his voice and I get choked up. I sure love that guy.

4. Heat; it's pretty cold out there, can you imagine not having heat?!

5. Clean towels and sheets; they just feel good

6. My blanket; if you know me, you know "Buh-dye". You have to love it.

7. Peanut butter; I had some on toast a little bit ago and it was extremely tasty.

8. Bali Mango Hand Lotion; It's a new Bath & Body Works fragrance and it's to die for.

9. When Chad makes up words to already existing songs; he likes to add my name in them. I pretend I hate it, but secretly love it.

10. Disneyland; 22 days!

It's a good day to be grateful.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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