Thursday, February 2, 2012

awkward & awesome?


- singing at the top of my lungs to t-swift only to look over at the guy in the car next to me staring. i'm pretty sure it looked like i was having a serious freak out.but don't worry, i kept singing.
- IMing to the receptionist at work about how bad the employees look in the company directory when they have ponytails. on the day she was getting her picture taken. while her hair was in a ponytail...whoops.
- trying to hurry back to my office while i'm wearing heels and a pencil skirt. my boss looks at me and says, "i would love to see you try to jog in that outfit". long strides = impossible.

- tomorrow is friday. can i be done now?
- my post below. [p.s. did i really post twice in a day? what the what?]
- face timing my parents. i kind of want to make it a nightly ritual. face time is bomb.
- craving brownie cookies from albertsons but not wanting to leave the office to get them, only to have the receptionist tell me she's running to said albertsons, do i want anything? why yes, yes i do.
- eating 4 brownie cookies from albertsons. would you like me to say albertsons again? albertsons.
- i'm getting my hair cut/colored today. i haven't had my hair dyed since my wedding so...almost four years ago. wowza. i'm kind of terrified but so excited at the same time.

i'm kinda liking this whole awkward & awesome thursdays thing. maybe i'll try to do it every thursday!...yeah probably not.

p.s. the bright bit is doing a valentine's giveaway! check it out. livi rules.

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